Our Approach

With the fast pace of our ‘everyday’, we can’t lose the patients’ story [asthma history] as a part of the care process.  Asthma Insight recognizes the power of voice [data] in the care continuum and helps patients not only capture their story, but connect with everyone on their care team – parents, doctors, nurses, caretakers, and anyone they feel is important to their care journey.   

Asthma Insight empowers this connection between patients & care teams through information exchange.  Identifying triggers is a very personal process [outside of allergy testing alone] and Asthma Insight acts as a personal repository for symptom tracking that will be important in augmenting care planning – while also maintaining connectivity and sharing information with vital care stakeholders. 

Our Take

If patient care plans are developed within the context of their multi-faceted lives, physician-patient relationships will be stronger, care team communication more valuable and engagement more active, thus leading to plan adherence and greater asthma control.