Nothing matters if you can’t breathe. Imagine being overcome by an asthma attack so powerful that the only thing you can think about is finding your next breath. For many people, that feeling will never happen. For people living with Asthma, that “next breath” feeling could spring up any time in the form of an Asthma attack.

Freedom to breathe better was the inspiration behind “Asthma Insight,” a mobile platform created by Sunti Wathanacharoen after experiencing Asthma personally. Growing up with Asthma, Sunti had a severe Asthma attack hit him when he was younger, landing him a trip to the emergency room and several days recovering in the hospital.

Now, years later, Sunti has a child who struggles with the same respiratory issues. In the midst of missing class and breathing treatments administered at school, Sunti wanted to give his son the freedom to live his life without feeling different. When the school nurse offered to destigmatize the breathing treatments by demonstrating one to the class, Sunti was equally encouraged by the nurse’s support and concerned that there wasn’t a better way to let his son enjoy school without so many interruptions.

With a background in business and consulting, Sunti, along with enlisted medical professionals around him, got to work on Asthma Insight.  Developed by parent company Pulmonaer Analytics, the app is intended to help people take control of their asthma anytime, anywhere.

Asthma Insight focuses on helping people control their health in the way they want with their care team. Asthma Insight centers around an “Action Plan” that can be shared with a doctor, caretakers, parents, and even a school nurse. The app connects everyone involved in the care plan for synchronized collaboration and improved care.

In addition, the innovative platform provides resources to keep people educated on important information regarding their own disease. Perhaps most importantly, Asthma Insight drives change. It’s a platform that prompts the patient and his or her healthcare team to take action according to the data it collects and their personal experience.

The end goal? To control symptoms, reduce unplanned doctor visits, bring down costs, and ultimately find freedom to breathe better. Like Sunti says, “Nothing matters if you can’t breathe.” With Asthma Insight, patients can live a life where everything else matters, because breathing becomes easy.